Making Amends… and Making America Great Again

I’ve often wished I could write something that could go out in a “viral” manner, and have a mass audience for an issue that I feel passionate about.  And after hearing about what could only be termed as Hillary Clinton’s “October Surprise” to Donald Trump, the leaked video purporting to feature Mr. Trump making vulgar comments regarding a certain woman or women, and his subsequent apology for comments such as are heard on the leaked video, I felt disappointed about it, but also understanding of what is really going on here.  Certainly also, after hearing many Republican leaders including RNC chairman Reince Priebus, denouncing Mr. Trump and some calling for him to withdraw from the race, I am both angered and more passionate than ever about this issue, because many of you are missing the point.

First, I need to say that as a practicing Messianic Jew, I certainly do not condone Mr. Trump’s comments; but by that same token, I understand the nature of sin which from time to time grips EVERY man and tempts us as men to give in to sexual sin.  We are human.  We are made with free will, free choice to either worship and serve our Creator, or defy our Creator’s will and give into the temptation of all nature of sin, including sexual sin.

There is not one man alive, who has not faced this same temptation.  And likewise, with the exception of Yeshua (Jesus), who faced temptation, never succumbed to it, and was found faultless, there is NOT ONE MAN WHO EVER LIVED, who can honestly say he has NEVER thought, said or done some type of sexual sin, even if only just once.  The epidemic of the use of pornography, even among my Christian brothers, is proof of how easily we men can be led astray into sexual sin. 

More evidence of this is some Christian singers, including most recently Trey Pearson of Everyday Sunday, have “come out” as gay.  While some may have condemned him for a lifestyle choice which is, truthfully, opposed to Biblical principles, there was no serious outcry from the Christian community against him for his lifestyle choice.  The reason why is obvious: Christians generally have the mindset to forgive sin, as we ourselves have experienced forgiveness; and as the saying goes, to “love the sinner and hate the sin.”

So it is with Donald Trump.  While we may speak out against WHAT he said, we are also keenly aware of the fact that he, like all of us, are sinners of equal caliber, requiring forgiveness for sin, and seeking reconciliation.

So, I openly and publicly defy and challenge every one of you men, including Mr. Obama, Mr. Priebus, and other political and celebrity figures, who have condemned Mr. Trump for his purported comments, to admit that each of you have, at some time in your life, said something similar to what Mr. Trump is purported to have said, or to have thought, said or done something worse.

There does not need to be any condemnation here.  All of us have sinned.  ALL OF US.  Even you women who may condemn Mr. Trump, must admit that, like us men, you have said, thought, or done something that would be considered by your Creator to be sexual sin.  As a nurse and now nurse practitioner, I have worked alongside hundreds of women in my career thus far, and I can tell you some of the comments I’ve heard from the lips of women, rival or exceed the vulgarity that Mr. Trump is purported to have said.

None of you reading this can deny it to yourselves.  You may well get on your high horse and claim to others that you’ve never done, thought, or said anything like this, but you cannot deny it to yourself; to try is to not only be lying to yourself, but also digging your hole deeper in the face of your Creator.  If you are human, you have done this, you have sinned.

This is why Yeshua said that he who is without sin may cast the first stone.  You may want to be picking up your political stones to cast at Donald Trump, but when you decide to be honest with yourself, you MUST drop that stone and walk away.

I truly appreciate and honestly accept the apology that Mr. Trump offered.  It sounded every bit of a sincere apology from someone who probably may have completely forgotten about such misplaced comments years ago.  And in the light of being honest with himself and what he is trying to do for America, he did not try to hide it, deny it or lie about it, but made a heartfelt and sincere apology and intention of repentance for past sins.

But this is not the end of the story.  As I inferred earlier, it is perfectly clear that this video clip would never have come to the surface had it not been for one who openly shakes her fist at G-d, proudly lies about her past sins without remorse, and has conned hundreds of people to do her bidding to further her sinful and self-serving agenda.

I speak of course, of the arch-enemy of America, Hillary Clinton.

Where Mr. Trump has bared his sorrow to America, Mrs. Clinton continues to defy the spirit of the living G-d, lying to Him, the American public, and worst of all, herself, about her words and actions, and her intentions for an Oval Office seat.

If I enumerated every lie, half-truth, and evil intention that Mrs. Clinton fully expects Americans to sheepishly accept, you could be reading this for a very long time.  Other more well-known writers have made such comprehensive lists, so I don’t feel the need to repeat their work.

But we all need to understand two things about this supposed Trump “scandal”: 1) it is both offered and timed to attempt to damage Mr. Trump’s otherwise healthy support among Americans that is, let us face it, seriously damaging Mrs. Clinton’s standing in the minds of the public, let alone to take attention off of the truly damaging information about Mrs. Clinton that has been and is soon to be made public by various outlets including WikiLeaks, and 2) in the light of truth, it is ONLY a reminder that ALL of us, including our leaders, celebrities and public figures, are human and are prone to sin and wrongdoing.  In this understanding, the fact that Mrs. Clinton persistently lies about herself and her actions, is no better or worse than Mr. Trump saying at one time that as a celebrity, he found it easy to be fawned over by some women and thinking out loud about giving into that temptation.  There is no degree of sin to G-d; there is no “mortal” or “venial” sin here – all sin, no matter what it is, is still sin, and we are all, EVERY ONE OF US, guilty of sin and worthy of the punishment for sin.

But here is the difference.  This is what every Trump detractor, what every supposed “Trump supporter” who has since condemned him in this issue and has called for him to withdraw from the race, needs to clearly understand.

Trump apologized.  Clinton has not.

And this fact is what MUST make the difference to Trump supporters (whether or not you believe in G-d), and especially to those who claim faith in G-d.  You must know that a Hillary Clinton presidency would not only continue and make worse the corruption in Washington, but most concerning to Christians and Jews (indeed to those of any faith), is this.  A Clinton presidency would erode our religious freedoms to ultimately NO religious freedom.  It would continue and make worse the murder of countless innocent unborn lives.  It would remove the words “under G-d” from our currency, our oaths and pledges.  It would force churches, synagogues, and other houses of worship to close or come under Soviet-style restrictions.  It would remove our freedoms of speech, free press, religion, bearing arms in self- and family-protection.  It would erode our rights as parents to raise our children as we see fit.  It would worsen the racial tensions started and stirred up by Mr. and Mrs. Obama.  It would force the radical extremist homosexual agenda upon us instead of allowing all Americans to live the lifestyle and beliefs they choose without forcing specific lifestyles and beliefs upon others who disagree.  And to be sure, these are only the beginning of the tribulation that would befall Americans if we choose to condemn Mr. Trump for misplaced, sinful words for which he has since apologized.  A Hillary Clinton presidency is a turning of the back on the Constitution, and a slap in the face to those who fought and died to preserve the freedoms upon which this country was founded.  If you choose not to believe me, I direct you to look at Soviet Russia and the old Eastern European communist bloc, and to look to North Korea and China as templates for what America will look like by 2020 under a president Hillary Clinton.

I will be brutally blunt in saying that Mr. Trump is no angel, no savior, no perfect man.  By the same token, Mrs. Clinton is not a queen, she is not a god, she cannot even be considered a great politician.

Both Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton are sinners, just like all of us.

But what makes ALL the difference is that Mr. Trump apologized for his words; he has asked us to understand that he is sorry for his sin, and that apology carries with it the intention of repentance and reconciliation.

Mrs. Clinton has never apologized for anything she has done or said.  She has not apologized for her role in the murder of Americans at Benghazi, for her role in the rise of the worst terrorist scourge in world history, for her role in the enabling of the worst state sponsor of terrorism on the planet, for her ongoing corruption leading to massive email deletions, her lying about her mishandling of American secrets, among the myriad of other scandalous concerns.  Instead of admitting and apologizing and seeking to make amends, she has continued to lie to you and me without regret or remorse.

But Americans, we can choose the right path.  We can choose to turn this country from the headfirst slide into Hell that it is taking, and turn it around to what it once was, a nation blessed by G-d, to whom the peoples of the world looked up to with respect.

It starts with admitting to ourselves that we all are just as much guilty of sin as Donald Trump. It happens with forgiveness, repentance, and with each of us desiring to make this country, once blessed beyond measure, blessed and respected once again.

Mr. Trump, I accept your apology, and continue to pray for you and Mr. Pence.  And Mrs. Clinton, I continue to pray that somehow G-d will reveal Himself to you, and look for the day when you will bend your knee to publicly acknowledge your sin and repent.

And when enough of us do this, as Mr. Trump has shown us, we will see America become great again.