Open Season Starting on Presidential Debates!

Here’s a short-and-sweet bit of thought regarding tonight’s Republican presidential debate.

What will we have the pleasure of seeing at tonight’s Republican debate from the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California:

Will it be Texas governor Rick Perry skirting wildfires at home, to make another memorable comment like the one about Social Security being a "Ponzi scheme"?

Will it be Mitt Romney finally deciding to pull off the kid gloves and have a go at Perry with both fists, all the while trying to convince the public that his Mormon faith won’t at all be a problem in the White House?

Will it be Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann struggling to crawl out from under Perry’s long shadow to whine on and on about “Obama”-something-or-other with a tea cup in her hand, while all the while trying to not say something painfully stupid… again?

Personally, my money’s on the side show – let’s see how many camera shots they get of Bachmann’s mafia thugs, er, "staffers", pushing away well-wishers and knocking pens and pads out of journalists’ hands who try to approach "Queen Michelle."

Happy viewing…