Around Eternity The First Time…

As I open the door very slightly, I peek through and realise that I’ve been here before…

Well maybe not exactly right here, but it’s close enough. I’ve lived too long, but for some people, it’s not long enough. There’s a problem with that dichotomy, but if you don’t mind that, neither will I.

Before I ramble on too much further, first I suppose I should thank whoever will actually read this at some future date for reading. And I suppose that for someone who’s grown up remembering the days of the very first IBM PC’s that couldn’t connect to the Internet if you spelled it to them, and that for having computers in my veins ever since those first fascinations with Radio Shack “Trash-80″ 12” floppy disks and mainframe punch cards, it’s been way too long in arriving that I’d pick up on this “blog” bug. Sure, I’ve done lots of Internet-y things, but this is my first foray into the “digital diary” effect. Maybe I’ll like it. Maybe you will, too. Maybe you won’t, maybe I won’t… I don’t really know if that matters.

Give it time, I’m sure I’ll figure out what everyone else already figured out, what with their fancy blogs full of colourful designs, pictures, tons of posts and dedicated readers. Hmm… that’d be nice. But for now, I’ll take one step at a time and customise as I go along.

Somewhere around eternity, I’ll let at least myself know what kind of insanity I’m up to, and hopefully meet a friend or two along the way.

Once More Around Eternity,

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